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Snap-N-Lock™ System

  • Skins of the Snap-N-Lock™ panel are rolled to form a unique locking system that snaps together.
  • The continuous insulated foam interface makes the design of the panel extremely energy efficient.
  • Sealant applied on the inside of the panel protects it from ultraviolet destruction and forms a waterproof seal.
  • Use the existing finish or apply a wide variety of building materials including shingles and vinyl siding directly to the exterior of the panel.
  • Available 2" - 8" thick and up to 32’ in length.Two inch panel cannot be used in home shell construction.
  • Roof pitches as little as 1/4" per 2' can be achieved.
  • The ease of installation and the ability to hire entry level tradesman translates into labor savings.
  • The panels adapt easily to a variety of floor plans and offer a wide range of design flexibility and usages including homes, in-plant offices, freestanding units, restaurants, industrial storage units, condominium carport facilities and loading zone canopies.
  • All panels pass through several quality control check points to assure that the highest degree of factory tolerances for alignment, lamination, and finish quality are maintained.
  • Delivery is available via our fleet of trucks within the Southeastern United States, Louisiana and Texas. Containerized shipments to the nearest port of choice and common carrier shipments are also available.

In today's housing industry, consumers are demanding homes be energy efficient, priced affordably and hold up to harsh weather conditions. Structall Building Systems meets these challenges head on with one of the most innovative panel designs available in the market.

Our Snap-N-Lock™ Insulated Panel combines the energy efficiency of foam core building panels with a unique joint design that adds strength to the wall and roof units and simply snaps together. The internal snap-lock fastening system provides a sealant reservoir which covers and protects the sealant from harsh elements. Deterioration of the sealant is reduced over time, which ensures that a waterproof bond is maintained.

The panels, when snapped together, form a continuous foam interface for maximum energy savings. Gaps are virtually eliminated in the wall and roof. There is less settling or compressing, less moisture absorption or dust saturation, and considerably fewer cavities that permit convection or air circulation than in conventional framing methods. All these factors dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the home. In case studies heating and cooling costs have been cut as much as 58% compared to a stick-built structure with the same insulation value and square footage.

This system is also structurally superior over conventional stud framing methods. The core of rigid expanded polystyrene foam provides shear strength, while the exterior skins provide tensile and compressive strength. Because a continuous wall and roof are formed by the Snap-N-Lock™ Insulated Panel, it can use all its capacity to support vertical loads, has greater racking resistance and can resist local loads, buckling and bending. These are important characteristics for resisting earthquake and hurricane forces. The panels are so strong and dimensionally stable that the work crew can actually walk on the first roof panel after it is secured into place.

The Snap-N-Lock™ Insulated Panel offers the architect a great deal of latitude in the design of the home and adapts easily to a variety of floor plans. Choose from a large selection of pre-existing floor plans. Each standard shell package includes a full set of prints and installation guidelines.

Whether you plan to build a small or large scale home, you'll find that the Snap-N-Lock™ system not only meets all your requirements, but is one of the most simple building systems available. The panels combine the structural system, wall and roof sheathing and insulation in a single step. The internal locking system eliminates the need for additional fastening methods at the joint. The panels are also easy to handle, which allows the project to advance very rapidly. The ease of installation reduces construction time considerably over conventional methods. This cuts labor costs and translates into substantial savings for the homeowner.

Structall Building Systems further simplifies construction by pre-numbering all panels and cutting them to exact lengths. Openings for skylights, windows and doors can also be precut. Insulation is built directly into every panel. Electrical wiring chases can be included in the panel or the panels can be stripped out for surface mounted runs. A video is also available that takes you step by step through the installation process.

The installation of a basic 600 sq. ft. home (inc. roof, wall, window and door openings) requires four people just two, eight hour shifts.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Pressure laminated composites of baked, polyester-coated steel coil sheets that have been roll formed to produce a locking system, and computer cut and routed expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). These elements are laminated under pressure with an adhesive to produce a panel having structural and insulative properties. The panels are custom laminated from white or ivory .024 or .032 stucco embossed aluminum coil 3105-H-194, .024 cedar woodgrain embossed aluminum coil 3105-H-194, .032 smooth aluminum coil 3105-H-14 or .26 gauge stucco embossed coated galvanized steel ASTM-A527 #G-90.

SIZES: Depending on the "R" rating or span one wishes to achieve, panels are available 2" to 8" thick. The panels are manufactured in lengths up to 32 ft. and widths of 23-1/8" and 48" if using aluminum skins and 48" if using steel skins.

EPS FOAM CORE: Density of the core is 1 lb./cubic ft. according to the ASTM-D303 /D1622/ C177/ C518/ D1621/ C203/ D1623/ D723/ E96/ C272/ D696/ D2863. A 1lb. density panel will support loads up to 72 lbs. per sq. ft. combined with various wind loadings up to 150 m.p.h. The foam core performs as a thermal barrier with thermo transmission of 0,0588 BTU/(sq. ft. hr. degrees Farenheit ). On average every panel has a thermal resistance value of R-4 per inch.

WEIGHT OF PANEL: A standard 4' x 8' .026 ga. steel panel is approximately 71.27 lbs. or 2.227 lbs./sq. ft. Even though the panels are light, the system is structurally superior to conventional stud frame methods. The panel's high capacity to resist loads is due to the double "T" type beam design and the continuous interface of the walls and roof.

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