Structall Warehouse

Structall Building Systems offers a complete line of structural insulated panels (SIPs) perfect for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Panels are comprised of various components, including aluminum, steel, oriented strand board (OSB), and polystyrene foam.

The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel, our most requested panel, has an expanded polystyrene foam core with aluminum or steel exterior skins. The skins are rolled to form a unique locking system that snaps together quickly and easily. The foam is routed to form a continuous foam interface which makes the panel extremely energy efficient. The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel also has its own structural integrity. A wide variety of building materials including shingles and vinyl siding can be applied directly to the exterior of the panel; however the baked enamel finish makes this step purely cosmetic. There is no long term inconvenience; most structures can be erected in as little as a day with a small crew.

The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel is just the beginning in a complete line of energy-efficient building panels. Panels are available 1″ to 8″ thick, up to 32′ long and in 23-1/8″ or 48″ widths. All panels adapt easily to a variety of floor plans and offers a wide range of design flexibility and usages including homes, in-plant offices, freestanding units, restaurants, industrial storage units, condominium carport facilities and loading zone canopies. Several quality control check points assure that the highest degree of factory tolerances for alignment, lamination, and finish quality will be maintained.

Service Centers are located in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. Delivery is available via our fleet of trucks within the Southeastern and Midwest United States. Containerized shipments to the nearest port of choice and common carrier shipments are also available.

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